11 Jun 14

Hot Pink Thong

Yeah, you know the drill – all teen chicks like the same thing. Sure sure – they call it yoga and the position is “downward facing dog”. Sure thing. Or maybe they just spending their time with their ass up face down. Like Skye Model.

We just call it doggie style and all the teen chicks love it!

hot teen slut skye model doggie style

I have to admit Skye Model and her tight ass look great here with her legs spread and in that pink thong!

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Looks like we caught Skye Model at the car wash… In her white bikini!

Not sure why she’s in the trunk…

skye model hot bikini ass

But while I’m thinking about it, I would mind knocking her out and taking her to my secret hide out. Oh, the things I could do with Skye Model!!!

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8 Jun 14

Perky Teen Boobs

Sky Model knows the less clothes she wears the cooler she’ll be. She looks super sexy in her short little skirt and the tight little t-shirt… The t-shirt shows off her perky boobs perfectly!

So sexy!

skye model short skirt

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6 Jun 14

Upskirt Tease

Chicks in bikinis and short skirts – that’s hot. Chicks in bikinis are always hot, but when they wear a short little skirt you still want to see up them even if you now all you’ll see is a bikini.

Skye Model loves to tease us with her short skirt!

skye model mini skirt thong1

And when she finally lifts up her skirt Skye Model shows us she is wearing a tiny little red bikini – or a red thong!

skye model mini skirt thong2

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Every time I see Skye Model posing I just want to gag her, tie her up, and put her in my trunk so I can take her home with. I might be a good looking guy but it’s highly unlikely that Skye Model will come with me willingly. So a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.

Looks like Skye Model really wants to show off her titties here… They are worth the wait – nice hot sexy perky teen boobies…

skye model perky boobs

Of course, being a tight little teen…. Skye Model has a nice tight little ass too!

Look at the way her thong sits in her ass crack! That’s fucking priceless!

skye model hot tight ass

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Yummy. Summer is here and Skye Model has the right idea – She’s in her bathing suit an getting wet. I can think of no better way to spend a hot summer day…

Being as Skye Model has a bathing suit on… Holy shit, this blonde teen is super tight!

skye model blue swimsuit naughty teen11

I never noticed how very tiny Skye Model is! That’s tight!

I can bounce Skye Model on my lap for a bit….

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Seems to me that every chick I’ve ever met has secretly dreamed of being a stripper at one point or another… It’s true – all chicks want to be strippers.

Look at what Skye Model is wearing – looks like a cross between stripper gear and lingerie… the garter belt is a nice touch!

skye model perky stripper slut

Skye Model might not have huge tits or a lot of cleavage, but she knows how to use it!

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