6 Mar 14

Teen Bent Over

With an ass like this in short shorts like this… Who wouldn’t want to hit Skye Model from behind?

skye model sexy blonde teen short shorts tight shirt perky teen babe4

Get in line! I saw Skye Model first!

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4 Mar 14

Tub Fucking

Looks like Skye Model is about to take a bath…. For reasons I’ll never ever understand, solo girl models are required to do the bikini car wash thing, the French maid and the cheerleader thing, and then… Taking a bath in her panties and bra. I’m not sure why.

But still it’s kind of hot; I wouldn’t mind trying to take off her wet clothes and getting Skye Model naked in the bath as it is. Looks like fun really!

skye model sexy bathtime fun5

Then I’d fuck this hot little blonde teen known as Skye Model right there in the tub. I’ll call it “tub fucking”!

Check out the close up of Skye Model and her sexy teen cleavage…. Let’s face it, a push up bra does wonders for Skye Model!!!

skye model sexy bathtime fun7

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She doesn’t have much of a rack, but what rack she does have is fucking great… And she loves teasing us by giving us just a peak while lounging around on the couch…. Is she only wearing panties? That’s hot. Skye Model spends all of her free time lounging around in her panties and a little top that shows off her breasts nice…

sexy teen model cleavage

Don’t you wish your teen chick dressed up like Skye Model more often?

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Here’s a nice shot of Skye Model in he sexy white bikini during that car wash…. So damn sexy!


Look at how thin Skye Model is…. I’d be afraid to fuck her. I’d be afraid to break her in half!

But I’d have fun trying now wouldn’t I?

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I love teen sluts in their crappy one bedroom apartments with the popcorn on the ceiling. Idiots. Marry someone older and live in a nice house.

Damn, I always knew that Skye Model had a beautiful tight little ass, but it’s not until you see it close up in thong panties that you get a sense of exactly how sexy she is…

skye model tight ass thong 1

Here’s another close up shot of Skye Model and that thong in her ass crack… Fucking hot. I want to lick her ass.

But then again, I’m a pervert!

skye model tight ass thong 2

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25 Feb 14

Ass Fucking

Who wouldn’t want to tap a tight little teen ass like Skye Model???

sexy hot blonde teen skye model short skirt1

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Ah, the bikini. Everyone loves a hot teen babe in a bikini. Look at Skye Model and her flat belly….. She surely doesn’t have much of teen boobs, but what little she has is plenty enough…

Just think – all we need to do is pull on those strings and that bikini bottom is coming off!

skye model bikini babe 1

From behind Skye Model looks great… What a beautiful teen ass she has! And she looks so tight in that bikini!

skye model bikini babe 2

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