What she got? Not a lot. Not much when it comes to cleavage, huh? But still, Skye Model likes to flaunt what little she has and she pulls it off rather nicely.

skye model perky teen cleavage 1

Let’s go in for a closer view of what Skye Model has, shall we? That’s nice. You know you want to play with her perky little titties…

skye model perky teen cleavage 2

And oh so much more!

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20 Jun 14

Teen Bikini Model

I’m so going to hell, so I might as well post this up…. I do feel guilty every time I post up pictures of Skye Model. I’m sure she’s over eighteen – if only by a day or two – but still I feel like the dirty old man trolling for fresh meat at the mall. Yes, I’m going to hell.

What’s even worse is this photo of Skye Model – skimpy little bikini, legs spread….. Oh, the fucking things I could do this chick! I can teach her what it’s like to make love to a real man!

skye model sexy-white bikini1

Being as I’m already knee deep into this post, I might as well post this picture of her tight little ass in the water in this tiny little white bikini. Damn you Skye Model…..

skye model sexy-white bikini2

Or maybe I’m really going to heaven, and Skye Model is one of the chicks I’m going to meet on the lesbian cloud. Who knows….

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17 Jun 14

Sexy Bikini Slut

Looks like Skye Model is at the car wash in her bikini again… Damn, this tiny skinny teen as tight little bikini body. It’s almost obscene when she wears a bikini.

And that smile on this slut’s face. It’s almost like she’s saying “I’m about to tease the fuck out of you”. And she’s getting off on it.

skye model bikini

Skye Model must love teasing us!

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The reason we all like teen chicks is because they don’t have an inch of flat – no folds, and curves in just the right places. They are tight, tight all over. Perfect!

Skye Model is perfectly tight… She is the kind of chick that honestly doesn’t have an inch of fat on her body. It makes you want to lick every inch of her body…

skye model hot blonde teen tight ass 1

And her ass? Skye Model also has the perfect ass and when she puts on a sexy little thong it’s a bit more than most of us are able to handle!

skye model hot blonde teen tight ass 2

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Skye Model has a great little body… Nice and tight. She doesn’t have much in the boob department, but she’s a teen and Skye Model has time to grow. Besides, what little she has Skye Model uses well – she looks great in a push up bra!

But her ass… is to die for!

skye model hot thong

Look at the way her ass is in that sexy little thong… Skye Model makes the perfect little sex kitten!

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With a view like this, you’ll never need to leave home huh? I know, right?

We’ve long since known that Skye Model has the most beautiful ass ever… But when you see her like this, half dress, and we can see up her little skirt and see the sexy little thong that Skye Model is wearing… It sort of reminds you that beauty is everywhere…

skye-model tight ass thong upkirt

That and the fact that Skye Model has the most perfect little ass ever!

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11 Jun 14

Hot Pink Thong

Yeah, you know the drill – all teen chicks like the same thing. Sure sure – they call it yoga and the position is “downward facing dog”. Sure thing. Or maybe they just spending their time with their ass up face down. Like Skye Model.

We just call it doggie style and all the teen chicks love it!

hot teen slut skye model doggie style

I have to admit Skye Model and her tight ass look great here with her legs spread and in that pink thong!

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