We already know how much Skye Model likes to show off, but now Skye Model is showing us how she likes it… From behind. Fast and hard. Doggie style.

And that makes Skye Model a slut. A hot teen slut – with a tight teen ass!

skye model ass up face down doggie style

Who wouldn’t want to bang that tight ass doggie style all day and all night? I know I do…. Get in line behind me! Everyone wants to bang Skye Model!

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7 Apr 14

Tight Teen Ass

This is why I love the bikini… It doesn’t leave much to the imagination! And it surely doesn’t hide any flaws! Not that perky blonde teen Skye Model has much to hide in the way of flaws!

Skye Model looks super sexy in her bikini… My god, what a beautiful little ass she has. I want to split Skye Model in half.

super tight teen ass

Now, if your anything like me you were caught off guard by her beauty and her super tight little teen body. But if you look closely she’s in the trunk of a car! What the fuck is Skye Model doing in the trunk of a car? Hello, got some candy?

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Now this breaks my heart. Oh, Skye Model is a little naughty Heartbreaker no matter which way you slice it or dice it, but physically seeing her dressed up in a plaid skirt and a little button up top like that…. It breaks my heart all over again.

Skye Model is the original naughty schoolgirl all right.

hot blonde teen naughty school girl plaid skirt8

I’m not going to be bashful about this. I love Skye Model. She’s fucking smoking hot.

I see Skye Model has a ruler. Nice. So here’s what I have in mind… I want to pin her up against the wall there, lift up her skirt over her tight teen ass, and spank Skye Model and her tiny little teen ass with that same ruler…. Ouch!

hot blonde teen naughty school girl plaid skirt9hot blonde teen naughty school girl plaid skirt10hot blonde teen naughty school girl plaid skirt12hot blonde teen naughty school girl plaid skirt14

You know. Because naughty schoolgirls like Skye Model need to spanked!

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Skye Model is in love with herself… She’s rubbing up against herself in the mirror, pretending that she is making love to herself… It’s like Skye Model has a twin, a teen lesbian twin. That would be hot!

The hottest part of this picture is the fact that she has her breasts rubbing up against her own breasts…

skye model making love to herself

Skye Model is bent over slightly, showing off her teen ass… It’s perfect!

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Skye Model is in fact the best of both worlds. Do you know that saying “tits and ass”. They made that up because of Skye Model. Okay, maybe not, but she does have perky rack with tiny teen boobies….

skye model tight ass perky tits 2

And Skye Model has also got a sexy tight little ass too!

skye model tight ass perky tits 1

I don’t know which one I like more – her tits or her ass! I guess you could fuck them both huh?

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Check out Skye Model working out….

Now as I’m getting older I’ve figured it out. Chicks like Skye Model don’t work out; They don’t have to. Their bodies are nice and tight because they are young. If they do work out it’s not because they have to get in shape, but instead they are bored and need something to do. And if Skye Model needs something to do, well, I can help her pass the time. Naked.

skye model sexy work out1

I have to admit though, it’s nice seeing Skye Model pretending to work out. I love what Skye Model is wearing – those little sweat pants. I could rip those sweat pants off her in seconds…. And then her panties!

skye model sexy work out3 skye model sexy work out4 skye model sexy work out5 skye model sexy work out6

This last shot of Skye Model… Very hot. She has the most perfect round little ass!

skye model sexy work out7

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Is it me, or does Skye Model look like Lindsay Lohan here? Bikini and all….

skye model sexy bathtime fun1

See, so sexy!

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