Skye Model is in love with herself… She’s rubbing up against herself in the mirror, pretending that she is making love to herself… It’s like Skye Model has a twin, a teen lesbian twin. That would be hot!

The hottest part of this picture is the fact that she has her breasts rubbing up against her own breasts…

skye model making love to herself

Skye Model is bent over slightly, showing off her teen ass… It’s perfect!

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Skye Model is in fact the best of both worlds. Do you know that saying “tits and ass”. They made that up because of Skye Model. Okay, maybe not, but she does have perky rack with tiny teen boobies….

skye model tight ass perky tits 2

And Skye Model has also got a sexy tight little ass too!

skye model tight ass perky tits 1

I don’t know which one I like more – her tits or her ass! I guess you could fuck them both huh?

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Check out Skye Model working out….

Now as I’m getting older I’ve figured it out. Chicks like Skye Model don’t work out; They don’t have to. Their bodies are nice and tight because they are young. If they do work out it’s not because they have to get in shape, but instead they are bored and need something to do. And if Skye Model needs something to do, well, I can help her pass the time. Naked.

skye model sexy work out1

I have to admit though, it’s nice seeing Skye Model pretending to work out. I love what Skye Model is wearing – those little sweat pants. I could rip those sweat pants off her in seconds…. And then her panties!

skye model sexy work out3 skye model sexy work out4 skye model sexy work out5 skye model sexy work out6

This last shot of Skye Model… Very hot. She has the most perfect round little ass!

skye model sexy work out7

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Is it me, or does Skye Model look like Lindsay Lohan here? Bikini and all….

skye model sexy bathtime fun1

See, so sexy!

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27 Mar 14

More Bath Time Fun

Here’s some more pictures of Skye Model in the tub…..

Damn sexy!

skye model sexy bathtime fun6

Who wouldn’t want to get in the tub with Skye Model? She might not be naked right now, but I’m guessing she’ll be getting naked shortly!

skye model sexy bathtime fun8 skye model sexy bathtime fun9 skye model sexy bathtime fun11 skye model sexy bathtime fun4

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I think Skye Model just loves to show off. She’s got such a great little teen ass, and when she puts on a bikini or a short skirt it’s a dangerous combination. In this case Skye Model is wearing a short little skirt. We can’t see her ass at first, at least not all of it, but we know we will. This isn’t the kind of skirt this teen slut can wear in public!

skye model showing off her ass 1

Then Skye Model pulls up her skirt just a little bit… That’s nice. She’s wearing a sexy little thong!

skye model showing off her ass 2

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Looks like Skye Model is thirsty…. That’s hot. Look at the way she lifts up her drink and swallows it down. I bet you a zillion bucks this teen slut can deep throat cock like you wouldn’t believe!

What’s even hotter is when she takes a drink she arches her back, making her tittie stick out a little bit more…

sky model loves sucking

I have no idea what she’s drinking… But it’s kind of sexy watching her lips in action!

What a great smile she has too!

sky model loves sucking2

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