Skye Model doesn’t have a lot of boobage, but what little she has she loves showing off… It’s cute!

Teen chicks like Skye Model love showing off. Any chance they get they are lifting up their shirts and flashing their breasts and stuff like that….

skye model showing off her cleavage

In this case Skye Model has a sexy little black bra, but as is usually the case with teen chicks their bra is more for looks than anything else – and they can quickly pull down or move their bra to show off their breasts!

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26 Jul 14

Horny Skye Model

There are teens you want to bang three times daily until you have problems walking, and then there are teen chicks that are marriage material… The problem is it’s hard to tell which is which.

I think Skye Model might just be both. I love the serious look on her face… It’s like she’s super horny and in dire need of being fucked hard soon!

skye model sexy teen babe

I would so bang Skye Model until we both came!

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24 Jul 14

Sexy Blonde Hair

See, I just love it when teen chicks like Skye Model lay down like this…. I love the way their hair falls all over the place.

hot sexy blonde teen

Now close your eyes and picture Skye Model riding on top of you with that mass of hot sexy blonde hair whipping around in her face. I know, right? I can smell it now!

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22 Jul 14

Mens Shirt

Skye Model looks hot and sexy no matter what she’s wearing… Even when she’s wearing a man’s shirt!

hot teen mens shirt1

I’d still hit Skye Model – for sure! I know, right?

hot teen mens shirt5

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Looks like someone took Skye Model out for the afternoon to the local pool…. Holy fucking crap Skye Model looks so damn sexy in this tight blue bathing suit!

sexy blonde-teen tight bathing suit15

Let me tell you a little secret here about how the adult industry works…. You can’t just sneak down to the local pool and start taking pictures of a hot teen babe like Skye Model in her bathing suit without someone saying something. So you try to be discrete. Either these photos were taken first thing in the morning, or it was taken when it was too cold out for anyone else to go swimming!

sexy blonde-teen tight bathing suit10sexy blonde-teen tight bathing suit11sexy blonde-teen tight bathing suit12sexy blonde-teen tight bathing suit9

That’s why Skye Model looks like she just got fucked in the ass for the first time!

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Men might spend hours and hours talking about how much they like breasts, be it a hot MILF or a tiny teen chick like Skye Model here. But you can only have so much fun with small perky boobs. I guess you can titty fucking them, but that’s really just masturbating now isn’t it?

But an ass… You can fuck that from behind.

skye model tight teen ass white bikini 1

And with the tight little teen ass Skye Model has… You can bet she gets fucked from behind a lot!

skye model tight teen ass white bikini 2

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I don’t I can ever get enough of Skye Model in her bikini… I got my start in the adult internet because of my fondness for bikinis, and let’s face it – Skye Model with her sexy little tight teen body fills out a bikini nicely, even if she has a small pair of teen boobies!

sexy white bikini6

Looks like Skye Model is having fun in her bikini in the sand… I think she was playing beach volleyball. I’d get a kick out of Skye Model playing volleyball in her sexy teen bikini!

sexy white bikini5sexy white bikini8sexy white bikini11sexy white bikini12

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