Hmmmmm – Yummy! Skye Model in green sweat pants and a white shirt that says “everyone has a hobby – mine is flirting” in green letters.

So, um, flirting is your hobby?

skye model young blonde teen tease

Hi, my hobby is fucking hot eighteen year old chicks like Skye Model and teaching them what it feels like to be fucked hard by a real man who is hung like a can of pringles. Nice to meet you.

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21 Apr 14

Tiny Sexy Cleavage

How much titty does Skye Model got – Not a lot – but still, we love seeing it….

Sexy little Skye Model unzipped her top and bam, suddenly those huge little titties are popping out like a pretty flower on a hot summer day. And of course Skye Model is all smiles!

skye model perky cleavage

That’s because Skye Model secretly gets really turned on when she knows you are looking at her when she’s nearly naked – or at least you can see her boobies in her sexy little pink bra!

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Skye Model doesn’t have much along the lines of boobs, but she’s doing her best… She knows how to work it. Then again, any teen chick at the beach can have any man she wants. Picking up men is easy for chicks like her.

With her smile and her tight frame… Skye Model can have any man she wants!

skye model sexy white bikini 5

And what a beautiful tight ass she has too! Skye Model is so damn tight!

skye model sexy white bikini 2 skye model sexy white bikini 3 skye model sexy white bikini 4 skye model sexy white bikini 1

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I love it when teen chicks wear their sexy little bras. Not an ounce of cleavage, but yet they use their sexy little cute bras to push up what little cleavage they have just to pretend they have something worth showing. The really funny part is that chicks like Skye Model don’t seem to understand we love them because they have small boobies…. It’s not always about the big boobs!

I like Skye Model just the way she is!

skye model sexy-black bra

Skye Model just looks so nice and tight here… Perfect for what I have in mind! I hope Skye Model is nice and limber!

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16 Apr 14

Hot Teen Cleavage

See, it’s photos like this that make Skye Model look like a model… Maybe not a super model, but trust me if you were at your local mall trolling for teen hotties to bang up your private bits with, Skye Model would do you just fine. And I mean that in more than one way too!

skye model sexy blonde teen short shorts tight shirt perky teen babe5

I love this close up of Skye Model and her sexy teen cleavage!!!!

skye model sexy blonde teen short shorts tight shirt perky teen babe7



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Skye Model isn’t a model because she has big boobs… We all like big boobs, but Skye Model is only a perky little teen slut… But what she lacks in headlights she makes up for with a great little tight ass!

And that thong! It’s beautiful… I want to slap it, spank it, and then fuck it!

skye model thong tight teeen ass

And you already know Skye Model loves fucking doggie style!

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12 Apr 14

Posing In Sand

Just when you thought I wouldn’t post any more pictures of Skye Model in that sexy white bikini….. Bam, here’s two more I don’t believe you’ve seen before! Smoking fucking hot!

sexy white bikini7

Imagine coming across Skye Model in the sand like that! I’d do her right fucking there!

sexy white bikini14

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